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Accidents Involving Teenaged Drivers

By definition of their age and their short driving history, teenage drivers tend to be inexperienced. Teen driver accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common. Teen crash fatalities, especially tragic, often take place when there are passengers in the same car. The deceased passengers’ families may bring a wrongful death claim against a teen driver or his or her parents.

There is naturally a full range of competency among teenage drivers. Some have practiced for many hours with a responsible adult in the car, taken driver’s education classes and otherwise prepared themselves to drive safely. Others may have had fewer opportunities to drive, or may not have paid attention to what they could have learned in driver’s education classes. Some teenagers, full of exuberance and self-confidence, are high-risk drivers by nature.

Investigating a Car Accident Involving A Teen

Aside from the experience question, there are other key pieces of information that your personal injury lawyer will want to look into after a car accident involving a high school-aged driver. Was the teen driving with a graduated license? If so, was he or she adhering to the requirements and restrictions of the level the license was at, at the time of the crash?

Driving with other teens in the car is a known risk factor for accidents. There may be specific rules that apply to teenage drivers, such as how many teenage passengers a teenage driver is allowed to have in the car. If the negligent teenage driver broke rules, this information may prove to be important in your personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Your lawyer is also likely to dig into questions of liability and parental responsibility. Were the teenage driver’s parents negligent by entrusting their vehicle to that young person? This may be the case if the teenage driver was known to be prone to reckless or weak driving.

If the teenage driver was performing some duties for the family (such as shopping or giving a younger sibling a ride), this fact may also be relevant to the question of liability. If the parents bought the car for the teenager to use to drive to school, this may count as a family purpose. This is just one example of special circumstances that may have a bearing on your personal injury claim or lawsuit if a teenager was at the wheel of one of the vehicles.

Contacting A Lawyer About Your Accident with a Teen Driver

Harris Powers & Cunningham is here to answer questions and explain how our law firm can be of assistance after a crash involving a teenaged driver. To talk with our attorneys about your car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident involving a driver younger than 18 or younger than 21, please call Harris Powers & Cunningham at 602-910-6779 or contact us online.