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Rollover Car Accidents

Injuries Caused By A Rollover Crash

Rollover accidents tend to be among the most serious vehicle crashes and can result in devastating injuries. Due to the catastrophic nature of these collisions, accident victims may face head trauma, paralysis, burns, amputation and, in the worst cases, even death. Even when individuals are wearing seat belts, the chance of injury is still great.

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It is true that some types of vehicles are more prone to flipping than others. For example, SUVs are known to rollover in accidents. However, any type of car can roll if certain circumstances are presented. If you had to suddenly veer off the road to avoid a dangerous driver, you car may have rolled. If you were T-boned by another driver while legally passing through an intersection, your car may have flipped. Or if a defective tire blew on your car, you may have faced a rollover accident.

Regardless of the specific circumstances in your rollover crash, the lawyers at Harris Powers & Cunningham are strongly equipped to help. Our firm’s partners each have nearly 25 years of legal experience, and they only practice personal injury law. Having this dedicated focus allows our team to fully understand the nuances and complex details in car accidents, including rollovers. We work with leading accident scene reconstructionists to prove the causes of accidents. We know car crash laws inside and out, and use this knowledge to protect the rights of our clients. Most importantly, we understand what it takes to negotiate favorable settlements and secure winning verdicts to compensate our clients for their injuries.

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