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Injured Passengers In A Car Accident

How To Pursue Passenger Injury Claims

Car accident injuries are not limited to drivers. Passengers in any of the involved vehicles can also face serious and deadly injuries. In addition, it may comes as a surprise that approaching a personal injury claim for a passenger may not necessarily be the same as for an injured driver.

In one scenario, the injured passenger may need to bring the liability claim against the driver of the car he or she was in. This is often a family member or a friend. These cases need both legal strength to obtain compensation from the insurers and also compassionate support to address the personal relationships involved.

In other cases, a negligent driver caused an accident injuring both the driver and a passenger in another vehicle. In these situations, the injured parties may both be seeking compensation from a finite pool of money, due to insurance coverage limits. This can cause conflicts between the injured driver and passenger, especially if all the injuries are serious and require extensive compensation to cover medical bills and lost wages. Normally in these cases, the accident victims must obtain separate legal counsel to avoid a conflict of interest. The only exception would be when the accident victims are family members — it may be possible and advisable to use a single lawyer for all claims.

Trusted Results In Car Accident Claims

Regardless of the specifics in your case, Harris Powers & Cunningham can help you find a solution. Our lawyers have handled the most complex of vehicle accident cases for almost 50 combined years. We take on the difficult cases that many other lawyers are not equipped to handle — and we win. In the past, our attorneys have secured settlements and verdicts in the millions and tens of millions. While we can never promise specific results for any accident case, our track record of success is a testament to the dedication we have to every matter.

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