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Injured By Someone In A Rental Car

Whenever a third party (such as a government agency or a rental car company) has an interest in a motor vehicle accident, it is extra important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney promptly. Harris Powers & Cunningham can advise and represent you if you were injured in any of the following circumstances:

  • You were driving your own car and your car was struck by a rental car driven by a customer.
  • You were a passenger in a rental car driven by a family member or friend who had rented the car.
  • You were driving a rental car that collided with a private vehicle, a commercial vehicle or a government vehicle.

Whatever the details of your rental car accident case, our law firm can guide you in the best ways to protect your rights. As you seek compensation for your injuries and losses, you will need an attorney’s guidance to uncover and untangle issues such as:

  • Rental car company-provided liability insurance coverage
  • Personal auto car coverage pertaining to the other driver’s policy or your own policy

We can advise you on steps to follow after a rental car-involved crash. Perhaps the other driver was from out of town or out of state, driving a vehicle issued at the Sky Harbor International Airport’s rental car center. Aside from the fact that the rental car companies are required to provide statutory minimum liability coverage for accidents involving their cars, there may be other insurance policies that are applicable, as well. Collision coverage on the other driver’s auto insurance, your auto insurance or your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may apply in your case.

Harris Powers & Cunningham is here to help your recover compensation from all pertinent sources such as various auto insurance policies after a serious accident.

Was The Other Driver In A Rental Car? Contact An Injury Lawyer

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