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A significant number of babies who experience difficult deliveries that involve the use of delivery tools like forceps and vacuum extraction experience brain injuries and other permanent impairments. At Harris Powers & Cunningham, our Phoenix forcep extraction attorney and vacuum injury lawyers hold doctors accountable for improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction techniques by taking legal action. Call 602-910-6779 or email us online.

Forceps & Vacuum Birth Injury Lawyers

At the Harris Powers & Cunningham, our approach to litigation has been developed over 25 years. We are widely regarded as one of the premier medical malpractice law firms in Arizona. Our reputation can be attributed to our compassion for clients and our dedication to the pursuit of excellence in forceps and vacuum injury case.

Forcep Birth Injuries

Forceps — large clamps that are used to turn the baby into a proper direction during delivery — can be negligently used by doctors who use them incorrectly or without enough experience. Forceps often cause injury when they are placed on the wrong part of the baby’s head. They may also be used at the wrong stage of labor. And the birth injuries this misuse causes can be serious. Babies may experience skull fractures, brain injury, fractures internal bleeding and blood loss.

Vacuum Birth Injuries

Vacuum extractors use a soft plastic cap to suction the baby during each contraction, but they are known for causing a wide range of problems when used incorrectly. These include severe swelling of the scalp and subgaleal hematoma — bleeding between the skull and the scalp — that can lead to permanent brain damage and death.

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We understand how significantly a forceps or vacuum injury can affect both parents and children. For a free initial consultation with a lawyer at Harris Powers & Cunningham, please contact us online or call our Phoenix law office at 602-910-6779.